Buyer Testimonials

Not sure if much more can be done to improve on an already professional, helpful, friendly team. At First National real estate.

Allan Perrott
12 September 2015

We dealt with ken at the Gloucester First National office. I was very happy with his service. He has great customer service skills. He followed up with us every step of the way. Great services thank you.

David Feeney
24 August 2015

Keep Kristy as a first contact as she was excellent and totally helpful. We are totally happy with you guys as you bent over backwards to accommodate in the settlement to coincide with the sale of our home in Newcastle. Our purchaser held us up by signing in the wrong places, thus holding things up for over a week.

Allan & Claire Sneddon
6 August 2015

When we came to Gloucester from Sydney, Donnelle met us and drove us around to several different properties. She made every effort to get to know our requirements and was genuinely friendly and interested in us.

Claire Mallat
18 May 2015

Both Steve & Ken have been very good and informative.

Vin & Carolyn Geraghty
26 January 2015

Great people to deal with friendly, helpful in all aspects of a smooth purchase. Cheers Steve


Greg Jones
22 January 2015

From first contact Donnelle went above & beyond. Coming up from Sydney, she spent the whole day showing us properties & included the property we ended up buying on the list to show us using her gut instincts, as the property was out of town. Then donnelle put aside time to help us understand a problem with the building report + obtain quotes for us then negotiate to reduce the sale price to cover repairs. She then set aside another day to take us to the property so we could learn all about the water tanks, sewage etc. with the current owners. Then to top it all off gave us a welcome/congratulations gift + has been there for us after the sale advice too.

Michelle Stewart & Gergio Ballarin

Like to thank Steve & staff for the help in purchasing my first house.

Tahlia Giltrow

Found First National. Very accommodating & helpful.

Kerry Gaucher

Everyone was extremely helpful with my enquiries and efficient as well. They are also knowledgeable about local markets and able to provide unique insight into the local community and the property they are advertising. I am very pleased with their service and help, and I will not hesitate to recommend First National Gloucester to my friends and family.


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